Adult Birthday Bash With Plenty of Tasty Food Treats

The menu for an adult birthday bash doesn’t always differ radically from that of a child’s. The differences may be subtle ones to be sure.An adult birthday may still be an occasion for chips and dips but adults are more likely to appreciate more exotic flavor choices than children. For example: spinach dip at an adult birthday party meets rave reviews while a third grade gathering will surely respond with a universal, “”Yuck!”” Another prime example of this are imported naturally occurring carbonated waters. Again mixed reviews predictably divided by age. This list goes on to include raw vegetables and the silliest adults-only menu items, caviar and anchovies.The same rule of subtle differences applies to birthday party décor. Luau paper party supplies are acceptable for a themed adult birthday bash but need a few popular cartoon characters to be used for children. Paper party supplies can be used at the most elegant adult birthday dinner especially when used for desert. At children’s parties they are a must.A typical adult menu that would be prepared differently for children than adults is an Italian meal. Adults will respond well to a an antipasto salad of sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives and chunks of mozzarella with an Italian dressing arranged in alternating layers on a terra cotta platter. Children want carrot sticks on paper plates.An adult entrée of lasagna or vegetable lasagna is a typical easy serve menu item for an adult birthday party. Children want canned pasta.There is a meeting of the minds on the topic of Birthday cake. Both adults and children seem to appreciate the flavor of standard cake mix and decorator icing. Leave Saturday morning cartoon characters off the adult cake, though. Discerning adults get cartoon characters driving 4×4’s or fishing or playing cards!